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St. John USVI · Accommodations

Concordia Studios, St. John

St. John USVI Accommodations

A Waterview Vacation Condo

Want to go all out on the beautiful island of St. John? Want to do it on a budget? Then come to Concordia Studios to experience the luxury of Caribbean travel for a pretty darn good rate. Yet besides being somewhat of a steal (compared to some of the other prices on the island), the eight luxurious suites that make up Concordia Studios are quite comfortable and relaxing. And if you want to consider location, then look no further than the exceptional views provided by the up-the-hill elevation of these spectacularly situated condo suites.


The Rooms

You can cram the whole family in to one of the comfortable studios of the loft design here at this fine, low-priced villa destination. The beds are comfortable, the furniture is supremely relaxing and the service is exceptional. Each room is also nestled in a canopy of island greenery that doesn't block the views but does actually give that long sought-after "away-from-it-all" sort of feel that happy Caribbean vacationers like you tend to desperately look for.

Remember, though, that you are getting what you pay for. What this means is that if you are the island vacationer who can't survive without air conditioning, this is definitely not the place for you. Neither will you feel at home if you bring your portable TV set to supplement the lack of television in your room. In fact, TV's are not permitted here. It tends to give you the sense that the low budge aspect of the place is actually its best quality - out in nature, getting away from it all can often times be the truly budget option for savvy travelers.

The Place

Concordia Studios also host lodging arrangements for the eco-tourists who did not make it into Harmony Studios. What are these? They are the so-called eco-tents, and are the latest rage for eco-tourists who prefer a more rugged, camping-style experience when they head down to the tropics. The way to get to the encampment of these tents is by walking a few steps over a wooden deck and - voila! - Suddenly you are amongst the eco-friendly island people! (Really, it's not all that dramatic when you realize that they're just friendly vacationers there for the same reason you are - to have a good time). But regardless, if you keep walking you'll soon find out that you have been going the right way.

This is due to the fact that the entire hotel site is located on a prime piece of real estate - the beautiful hillside overlooking the secluded Maho Bay. Although the views from the low budget suites are so-so, you'll see that the eco-people get an even better lookout point over the pristine Caribbean turquoise water down below.

Since the location of Concordia Studios is a little bit remote, it might be a good idea to look into renting a car. After all, the guests who stay here are already a good way into the thick of the island - they might as well take advantage of their location to explore the whole island rather than stay back in a place like Cruz Bay.

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John "Big Hat" Walsh

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