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St. John Watersports & Activities

Snorkeling the pristine waters of St John VI

St. John Snorkeling Guide
Seasoned Snorkelers and Newbies Alike Head to St. John for Snorkeling Nirvana.
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Playing Outside on St. John
Fun things to see and do in Paradise (Humor)


St. John is unique in the Virgin Islands. Two thirds of the island belongs to the National Parks Service and has escaped the pitfalls that accompany commercialism. Sure, St. John has it's share of great nightlife, but the day-life is even better. And the underwater life will blow your mind. Whatever your dream of life in the islands includes, St. John will have it. Follow your bliss on St. John and you'll feel like a local immediately. It's that kind of place.

Watersports & Activities

Snorkeling St. John
Are you looking for a snorkeling destination that will satisfy your adventurous spirit by showing you the best of the ocean floor? Do you want to experience the beauty of snorkeling in some of the world's most pristine waters?

Sailing St. John
Interested in gliding across the pristine blue waters of the Caribbean this winter? Then how about going on a tropical sailing adventure to round off your perfectly exhilarating summer vacation?

Scuba Diving St. John
Looking for a great place to go scuba diving? Want to just get your feet wet, or perhaps jump into an exciting deep sea adventure?

Fishing in St John USVI
Thanks to the vast selection of underwater life at this Caribbean paradise, fishing is one of the preferred past times on St. John USVI.

Horseback Riding on St. John
Looking for a beautiful place to clop around on horseback and enjoy the refreshing Caribbean air? Then try checking out the wonderful horseback riding trails offered to happy vacationers like you on the U.S. Virgin Island of St. John.

Kayaking Adventures in St. John
Looking for a wonderful place to kayak without having to freeze in Alaska this winter? Then you should try a relaxing kayaking adventure in the U.S. Virgin Island of St. John, where the weather is always warm.

St. John Kayak Tours
The Virgin Islands is an awesome place for the thrill of your life when you experience kayak tours.

National Park Tours
National Park Tours in the Virgin Islands.

Snuba Diving in the Virgin Islands
Yes, you heard right, it is not a typo. Snuba diving is now becoming one of the most popular ways to explore and experience the underwater world.

Windsurfing St. John
Looking for a great way to skim across the surface of some exceptional Caribbean water on your windsurfing board? Want to rent a board and find out what it's all about?

Shopping in Cruz Bay
Shopping in Cruz Bay is best illustrated by the low pressure sale. Instead of aggressively hawking their goods, friendly store owners more often than not let the unique charm of their shops do all the talking.

St. John Travel Deals
Daysails & Charter Boats

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