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Snuba Diving

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Yes, you heard right, it is not a typo. Snuba diving is now becoming one of the most popular ways to explore and experience the underwater world.

Snuba diving is a great adventure that everyone in your family can enjoy over the age of 8. You do not need all of those heavy diving accessories to find yourself up close and personal to all types of tropical fish, magnificent coral reefs and enjoying the world that is under the sea.

All you need to enjoy a day of snuba diving is a very light weight harness to keep the air line out of your way, a weight belt, a mask and fins. Your air supply will be a scuba tank that sits in a raft, which floats along behind you on the surface.

This is the best way for you to enjoy diving and exploring. The beauty of the magnificent coral reefs will invite you stay as long as you can. There is no need to come up for air, stay until your skin wrinkles. Snuba is just one step beyond snorkeling and one step before scuba diving. For anyone that has wished to experience what life is really like under the water, this is a great way to start. Snorkeling, does not allow you to dive underwater, and scuba diving has all that heavy equipment that may hinder a beginners exploring abilities.

Snuba diving help you get use to breath underwater which can be a strange happening for many that have only held their breath while swimming. This is a great way to ease into diving under the sea and learning how to experience and explore all that Mother Nature has for you under the sea. Getting use to breathing underwater with an air hose does take some getting use to but can be learned very easy.

You may wonder what the benefits are to snuba diving instead of scuba diving or snorkeling. Well, let's look at great snuba diving is and how everyone will enjoy this experience. Everyone over the age can snuba dive. As long as you are basically healthy you will have no problems with this wonderful and exciting water sport activity. You do not need to have any experience with snorkeling or scuba diving to enjoy snuba diving. Even people that just need to get use to going underwater love this sport. It gives them a great way to learn about how to swim and maneuver underwater before attempting the whole scuba diving experience with all the extra equipment that is needed.

Snuba diving is also a very safe and easy water sport to learn and enjoy. Your air tube is usually around 20 feet long, so you know the surface is near and you do not have to worry about running out of air.

No training is involved, that is just how easy it is to snuba dive. You do not need to receive any type of certification and all the equipment that you will need is provided by the company that is providing your tour. You will also have a tour guide that will help you and answer all of your questions.

There are a few companies that will give you information on their guided snuba diving tours. There is a snuba diving excursion on St. Thomas and one on St. John that you are sure to enjoy.

The one on St. Thomas is very easy to find. It can be found at Coral World. If you want to drive yourself you can ask for directions to Coral World at the reception desk of your hotel. The Coral World is next to the Renaissance Grand Beach Resort. You can also get there by taxi. Rates for taxis vary but are usually in the range of $4 to $9.

To get to St. John from St. Thomas you can ferries that leave every hour from Red Hook. The cost of the ferry is $3 per person. When you arrive on St. Johns you will need to get a taxi to Trunk Bay. Your guide can be found at the gift shop. For more information you can contact this guided tour company at 340-693-8063 or visit their website at

Other places that offer snuba diving include Snuba Buck Island and they can be reached at 340-775-4389 and Snuba BVI in the British Virgin Islands and they can be contacted by calling 242-494-3311.

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