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Kayaking Adventures in St. John

Looking for a wonderful place to kayak without having to freeze in Alaska this winter? Then you should try a relaxing kayaking adventure in the U.S. Virgin Island of St. John, where the weather is always warm. With rich blue water and tropical scenery that is lush and green all year round, kayaking at St. John is one of the more exhilarating experiences you can hope for when planning your Caribbean vacation.

Of the many kayak guides, tour and rental companies available to you and other happy St. John vacationers, there are a handful that we feel are worth mentioning to you. One of them is Arawak Expeditions, named after the ancient indigenous tribe that used to inhabit this Virgin Island, which guides regular expeditions for snorkeling along with kayaking that go to the scenic St. John beaches the cays alongside it and even neighboring islands. That's because many find that snorkeling is a great accompaniment to the kayaking experience; first you are able to access a remote and secluded bay by kayak, then you get to enjoy all of the underwater riches that can be seen by the snorkeler. Needless to say, it's a perfect combination, and it can be yours when you make the appropriate arrangements with this kayaking guide outfit, or another such as Texas River Expeditions, which, despite its name, is here to serve you exclusively in St. John's tropical paradise. Serving all of the Virgin Islands - both the U.S. ones and their British counterparts - this tour company takes kayakers out to beautiful snorkeling locations and even conducts night trips so that happy and adventurous vacationers like you and your loved ones can watch the stars through some of the most pristine night skies known to man. An option that many kayak tourists enjoy in particular is the nearly week-long trip they offer that goes out to Peter Island, Jost Van Dyke and other fabulous areas in the vicinity of St. John. The tour initially gets going by meeting and gearing up at the Mongoose Junction in Cruz Bay on St. John, a place that could be described as the hub of commerce and transportation on this sleepy little island. In terms of the prices, there is a wide range depending on how you like to tour. For a five day expedition such as this one just mentioned, the going rate is under $1000 and rises a little bit at certain times of the year including holidays and other high traffic vacation times. If you happen to be wishing for a less-involved

trip, or just want to rent some gear and cruise out to the end of the bay for a little while, then prices go down dramatically. To rent gear you will only pay about $50 for a three hour trip on a two seat kayak for you and a friend or loved one.

One of the more enticing kayak trips that you could go on while at St. John is the journey out to Whistling Cay that you would have to go through Francis Bay to get to. With a level of excitement mixed in with the magic of the scenery and intense sense of adventure, it is a highly desirable route to take, along with many other similar trips inside the bays of St. John.

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