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Can you think of a better way to explore a National Park than a guided tour with a park ranger that knows the land, the culture, and all the folk lore and stories associated with this wonderful Caribbean island?

You can even find several trails throughout the National Park that you can tour on your own. There are so many different types of tours available including walking, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, or even scuba diving. Whether you want to explore on your own and experience all that the National Park has to offer or whether you want someone else to be your guide you are sure to enjoy every mile of the 9,485 acres on St John and the 15 acres on St Thomas.

A few of the awesome tours that you are sure to enjoy with a park ranger as your guide include Cinnamon Bay Walk, Annaberg Sugar Mill, Discover Bird Watching, Ranger's Choice Evening Program, Reef Bay Hike, Snorkeling Trip, Waters Edge Walk, The Brown Bay Trail, the Leinster Bay Trail, Lind Point Trail, and the Caneel Hill Trail. Many of these awesome guided tours are for beginners and your entire family will enjoy seeing all the history, culture and magnificent tropical vegetation. Each one of these exciting tours will have you seeing a different part of the National Park. The Annaberg Sugar Mill is take you back in the past to the time of sugar plantations and slavery as well as demonstrations of gardening, cooking, and baking, craft weavers creating baskets, brooms, and other unique items using old traditional standards, techniques and materials. There is a fee if you decide to see if you have the talent to create some of the fascinating baskets or other items. Remember to dress comfortably and wear shoes that can get wet especially if you are taking any of the tours that will be near the water. If you plan on a snorkeling tour don't forget your bathing suit. For more information on any of guided tours you can contact the National Park at 340-776-6201 extension 238. Many of these tours will need reservations. You can also learn which ones are designed for beginners or for advanced hikers and explorers.

You may decide that you wish to be your guide and explore the wonderful nature that the National Park offers. There are many trails throughout the park that you can visit all by yourself. Even some of the trails listed above can be visited by yourself. You can find information on any and all of the trails in the National Park. You will enjoy seeing all the sites at your own pace and not worry about when you desire a break to enjoy the solitude and tropical creatures that may wander across your path. Some of the trails that you may hike alone include Lind Point Trail, Water Catchments Trail, Turtle Point Trail, among many others.

The Lind Point Trail weaves through semi-dry forest and cactus scrubs and takes around 1 hour to hike the entire trail. The Water Catchments Trail will take about 30 minutes and is between Centerline Road and Northshore Road. Turtle Point Trail is a nice short hike, which begins at the north end of the Caneel Bay Plantation. You will need to register at the front desk before you take this hiking trail.

Kayaking tours are another wonderful way to enjoy the National Park. You can find some companies that offer kayaking tours or you may wish to rent your own from your hotel or other concessions and venture out on your own adventure. One major company that gives kayaking tours is Arawak Expeditions. You can contact them for more information by calling 1-800-238-8687 or 1-340-693-8312.

Snuba diving is becoming very popular and you can take the entire family along on this exciting adventure under the sea. This is one way to tour the underway National Park that you will never forget. For more information you can contact this snuba diving guided tour you can call them at 340-693-8063 or visit their website at

As you can see there are so many different types of hiking adventures that will fill every day of your vacation exploring the National Park on St. Johns Island. But, don't forget about the other tours that are also available. There are snorkeling tours, scuba diving tours, snuba diving tours, and even the underwater trail. You may even enjoy taking a tour that will take you to the top of the highest point and see The Virgin Islands from a bird's view. Which ever way you decide to tour the National Park in the Virgin Islands it will be one vacation to remember.

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