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Snorkeling St. John

Are you looking for a snorkeling destination that will satisfy your adventurous spirit by showing you the best of the ocean floor? Do you want to experience the beauty of snorkeling in some of the world's most pristine waters? If so, then head out to St. John and prepare to be amazed by one of the more spectacular displays of aquatic life that's out there. It's a place where beginners and seasoned pros alike can spend hours skimming along the water's surface, staring at the colorful panorama of sea life and really being a part of it. Whether the adventure pivots around the Trunk Bay underwater pathway for novices or branches out to remote areas in trips that nearly take all day, snorkeling at St. John is bound to impress the happy vacationer. This is all made possible because the island boasts a long list of snorkeling havens, including the unbelievable Flanagan's Cay, which is rich in tall coral structures that shoot up through more than half of the water's 20-foot depth.

Actually, one of the best ways to begin snorkeling is by jumping off of a boat. That's right; with chartered excursions that depart mid morning and come back around three or four in the afternoon, small groups of up to12 passengers can set sail on one of these trips and explore those hidden away places that are great for snorkeling. Many passengers find themselves going into submerged caves, just adding to the adventure that snorkeling on St. John offers. But there are other reasons why sailing has become a popular complement to the snorkeling experience. Happy snorkelers will find that lunch and refreshments are served on board so that they can enjoy a much-needed break from the water when they get hungry. By taking this leisurely approach to snorkeling, the sailing experience allows you to do as you please. Whether you are spending most of the time inside the water, or just taking the chance to sun tan on deck, you and your fellow vacationers will take pleasure in the chartered sailing and snorkeling trips at St. John USVI. For the snorkeling aficionados who want to go on a true adventure, a great day-long trip can involve circling around the island's perimeter to find those not-so-easy-access spots and get to check out the captivating, untouched world of coral reef, tropical fish and many other underwater delights. For anyone with experience snorkeling, we recommend either the long-term trip or the boat charter. This is because Trunk Bay's trail below the water is strictly for beginners to get a feel for the sport. Aside from this beneficial aspect, it offers little in terms of coral quality, fish populations and the clarity of the views.

For anyone interested in finding out more about how much it costs to go on a snorkeling expedition in the waters of St. John USVI, it should be interesting to know that the island's local diving club will only charge around $30 to $40. This is just one more advantage to snorkeling at St. John USVI, as the cost is a far cry from the other water sports like scuba diving.

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