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St. John USVI · Accommodations

Destination St. John, St. John

St. John USVI Accommodations

Featuring 20 high class island suites, the lodging circle known as Destination St. John not only lives up to its name - it even goes beyond it. Indeed, the experience happy island vacationers like you will have here is unbeatable. When you come to the beautiful island of St. John - one of the fantastic U.S. Virgin Islands - the place to be truly is here. That's because each suite is specially crafted to perfection and designed to provide the utmost in luxury to each of the happy island visitors fortunate enough to get a place here. It really is important that you be sure to book your reservations at Destination St. John well in advance - these prime tropical island suites are quick to sell.


The Rooms

Relax and rejuvenate in a hot tub heated to just the right temperature. Every evening you will be able to gaze at the dazzling, star filled Caribbean sky as the hot water bubbles over you. Truly, it is hard to think of a more romantic getaway for a honeymoon or, really, any other occasion.

Why wait to go to the beach when you can jump right into a heated swimming pool just outside your hotel room. Dry off and enjoy a hot breakfast before beginning another oh-so-difficult day of relaxing in the sun. With great locations all around the island, Destination St. John offers guests all sorts of amenities in every room and suite. For instance, besides the pool and the hot tub, visitors will find that the kitchens come fully equipped and the spacious suites with great ceilings and beautiful trim offer access to satellite TV, VCR, shower amenities and more.

The Hotel

Service is the name of the game here at Destination St. John, although this should be more or less expected considering the fact that it might be hard to locate all of the condo suites on your own. Scattered across the island in nearly 20 different locations, the suite location you end up at could be practically anywhere on this 22 mile island. This is the reason why congenial representatives from the establishment of Destination St. John will come to personally greet condo suite guests like you as you get off the inter-island ferry and step onto the dock in Cruz Bay. From there the friendly staff proves to be quite helpful as they escort their visitors to the appropriate part of the island. Additionally, these kind helpers will do all they can to help with arranging care rental - they really seem to want you to be happy at the luxurious Destination St. John.

But due to the fact that the suites are in such different locations, tourists would be well advised to read up on the particular spot that they end up booking - or at least find out where it's located. Whether it is to be found in the teeming island center of Cruz Bay or in the wilds of Maho beach could make all the difference. Indeed, the luckiest of Destination St. John guests will have the privilege of staying at the extremely secluded villa of Hawknest beach. Ask the helpful staff for assistance with renting a car - this is a great way to explore the island.

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