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St Croix

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St. Croix has flown many flags throughout history and has seen more rebellion and wars that most of the other Virgin Islands. Before Columbus arrived in 1493, there were the Arawak and Carib Indians. The Carib Indians were known as cannibals and were always fighting and driving the Arawak Indians to hide in the hillsides. The Spanish had many battles with the Carib Indians as well and from 1493 until 1596 the battles raged. After this time, Spain was not really interested in this island and used Puerto Rico and San Juan as major ports. Because of the Indian attacks, bad weather, and general poor luck St. Croix along with the rest of the Virgin Islands were considered to be useless land and uninhabited.

But, in the early 1600's the Dutch and English began to take an interest in this beautiful island. The Dutch settled the east end and the English the west. Of course, the battles began. After many battles, the Dutch decided to leave the island to the English. But, in 1650, the Spanish invaded and took control of St. Croix. But, the Spanish did not have control for long, in just a few months English ships came once again and St. Croix was once again in English control. Colonizing St. Croix for the English gave them nothing but heartaches. Many people died from illnesses just in the first year. After ten years, the English sold St. Croix to the Knights of Malta. The knights had no idea how to colonize and bring this island into a prosperous community, so they sold St. Croix to the French West Indian company in 1665. Under the rule of the French West Indian company the island began to flourish and had several plantations including tobacco, cotton, sugar cane and indigo. But, because of poor management, disease, and death St. Croix once again was uninhabited.

In 1733, the Danish West India & Guinea Company took quite an interest in St. Croix and bought this island from the French for $150,000. The Danish knew that sugar cane could grow and be produced on this beautiful island and they enjoyed the wealth until the sugar beet became popular, then the economy of St. Croix was once again in trouble. In 1917, the United States bought St. Croix from the Danes for $25 million and now you can enjoy a tropical vacation like no other on earth.

St Croix has so much to offer the many visitors that come to partake of the Caribbean sand and sun. From sunbathing, to water sports, to golf, St. Croix has many wonderful and unique activities to please anyone in your family.

The golf courses on St. Croix are some of the most beautiful course you will find in the Caribbean and they have three to choose from. The Carambola is an 18 hole course with a 6,843-yard, par-70 course. For more information you can contact them at 340-778-5638. The Buccaneer is also an 18 hole course and was built on what once was a sugar plantation. The rolling hills and magnificent scenery are sure to enhance your golf score card. For more information you can contact them at 340-712-2100. The other golf course on St. Croix is a 9 hole course with a majestic view of the Teague Bay. For more information on this unique golf course you can call 340-773-8844.

If sightseeing is your forte, then you will have plenty to do. There are so many wonderful and unique sights to see that you will not be able to decide where to start. The Estate St. George Botanical Garden is a full 16 acres of history to explore. You will be able to venture through the ruins of a 19th-century sugarcane village and rum factory including workers' homes, manager's house, a bake oven, stone dam, a blacksmith's shop and foundations of a watermill.

Buck Island Reef is considered to be the only United States underwater National Park. This reef has two major water trails that many people love exploring, the Turtle Bay Trail and East End Trail. To get up close and personal to the marine life this is an adventure you will not want to miss.

Cramer Park is a great place to get away from in all on St. Croix Island. You can enjoy the entire day basking in the sun and splashing in the surf. If you happen to visit during the weekend you will be able to experience the music and atmosphere that can only be found on St. Croix.

You will find that your trip to St. Croix will be more pleasurable than you could ever imagine by just looking at a photo. You will want to plan more trips to this beautiful getaway.

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