Reef Bay Trail

You will enjoy the wonderful tropical setting while taking a unique trip through the history and culture of this wonderful island.
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Shopping in Cruz Bay

Shopping in Cruz Bay is best illustrated by the low pressure sale. Instead of aggressively hawking their goods, friendly store owners more often than not let the unique charm of their shops do all the talking.
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Annaberg Sugar Plantation

The Annaberg Sugar Plantation is one of the most historical and unique tours that you can take on St. Johns USVI.
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Cruz Bay Harbor St John

Celebrate the Fourth of July in style on St. John

The Fourth of July isn’t only a big deal on mainland USA, you know. Visit the tiny island of St. John at the beginning of July - or even at any time during June - and you’ll see how islanders like to celebrate Independence Day.
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St. John USVI Parade

St. John USVI Carnival

The annual Carnival on St. John is a highly anticipated celebration that embodies rich island culture, emancipation and independence.
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Life In The Left Lane

Enjoy the Caribbean. Drink rum on the beach, splash in the surf and spend the first ten minutes navigating the airport tarmac while hot and disoriented. You're going to need a drink.
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