Looking for a way to vacation in the pristine luxury of St. John and help save planet while you’re at it? Then head on over to the Harmony studios, where eco-tourism is the way that countless happy vacationers like you are able to enjoy the hippest, most luxurious hotel suites that are made almost wholly from recycled materials and that are powered entirely by wind and solar energy. Perched on a hilltop overlooking breathtaking views of the tropical blue water of Maho Bay, the eco friendly tourists who stay here in these 12 villas are in close communion with the campers at Maho bay, as well as the local organic grocery store. Be sure to book early as this is one of the most “in” things to do in all of the Caribbean islands. Just stepping into the lobby – made from all scrap materials, of course – gives you the sense that there is absolutely nothing cooler to do than become an eco tourist. Like I said; make sure to have your reservations in well ahead of time.

The Suites

If you’re looking for a Jacuzzi in your room, this isn’t the place to be. The best you get in bathing is a tiled bathroom that only allows you to stand up while you take a shower. That said, however, Harmony Studios actually provides a surprising level luxury for the happy eco-tourist vacationers like you who wish to relax in the spacious and delectably comfortable condos that are offered here. With fans in the ceiling, little kitchens, and even walk out patios, these studios are convenient and amenable – even to the usual vacationer’s standards. Furnishings include crafted items made in South America by conscientious farm workers who sold their wares for a decent wage.

Come enjoy this interesting place – although the doors that are made of glass slide normally out onto the tiled decks, the rooms themselves might present something odd to the unsuspected tourist who just happens to book a room here. While colored pure white, the walls are actually made of recycled newspaper. In addition, the carpeting comes from – you guessed it – milk cartons that have been recycled and turned into this new, surprisingly good looking material.

The Hotel

Really, it is an ecologist’s dream that has finally come true. But not only has the fantasy of eco-tourism been realized, it is actually now growing at a steady clip. That’s why although Harmony Suites on St. John is a rare phenomenon in this part of the world, it is not entirely alone (other parts of the Caribbean also feature hotel villas constructed from entirely recycled materials).

Along with the physical nature of the place comes an attitude as well. The management as well as the guests here both engage themselves in the experience with an idea of making the world a better place. While it is a very hip thing to do, it is also refreshing to see people consciously participating in preserving the natural beauty of the island. After all, the reason St. John maintains its beauty is because most of the land is protected.