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St. John USVI · Accommodations

Westin Resort, St. John

St. John USVI Accommodations

Make Your Reservations at the Westin Resort, St. John

For those high rollers in search of a glitzy and modern-to-the-max version of their sumptuous island vacation, the joy of staying at the Westin Resort can hardly be surpassed. That's because the 34 acres of pure island goodness are alternatively manicured to perfection or left savagely - although tastefully - wild in order to satisfy the desires of eager island vacationers like you. The architecture of the complexes here is striking, the buildings are undeniably stylish, and the comfort is second to none.


The Suites at Westin Resort

Stay in a beautiful island hotel room at the Westin Resort that is sure to grace you with the utmost in elegance. In addition, it is likely to challenge your sense of what is normal to look for in a comfortable vacation rental. Indeed, visitors are often amazed by the curvature of the ceilings as well as the windows shaped like Chinese fans. In fact, these interesting modifications of the standard cube shape are a sensation visitors to the majority of the other island rentals here will most likely not experience at all. It's amazing.

Every single luxurious suite here at the Westin Resort comes with a fully stocked and perfectly equipped bathroom for all of your conveniences. And to the delight of the guest room visitors, a good number of the suites come with their own Jacuzzi, and practically every room here at the excellent Westin Resort comes with its own private balcony.

Ah, yes - one of life's great pleasures is the act of waking up every morning and stepping out onto a beautiful personal deck with breathtaking views of the Caribbean blue Cruz Bay stretched out before you. Plunk yourself in island greenery and breathe in the beautiful island fragrances that promise to make you never forget your delightful St. John vacation when you stay at the Westin Resort.

The Westin Resort Hotel

Walk amongst the island trees and the beautiful gardens, on walkways made of brick that are designed in the most interesting patterns. Feel a warm Caribbean breeze blow across your face as you look around at the dappled sunlight bouncing against fragrant blue, pink, yellow an orange tropical flowers in this lovely island paradise resort.

Actually, you may notice something odd about the walkway; it is shaped like a fish bone of sorts. How strange and fascinating it is! And it's similar to the rest of the oddly themed architecture here at the Westin Resort.

But what, exactly, is it about the architecture here that is so scintillating. To put it briefly, it makes you feel special. That was my experience when I stayed a few nights at the palace of a resort. Yet not only does it make you feel special, but grand as well, as if you were royalty itself. And how could you not feel this way when you stroll through the rows upon rows of towering palm trees imported especially from Puerto Rico?

In addition, there are a variety of restaurants that cater to the fine dining needs of sophisticated island vacationers like you.

Make Your Reservations at the Westin Resort, St. John

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