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Coral Bay, St. John

St. John's Sights and Attractions


Looking to make your beautiful Caribbean destination even more spectacular? Then try spending some time at Coral Bay on the U.S. Virgin Island of St. John, where intelligent vacationers like you can experience the island's rich cultural history in addition to some of its most exceptional scenery. That's right; not only are there seemingly endless tracks of white sand making a horseshoe shape around pristine blue water, but there is a fascinating story behind this particular area of St. John.

Coral Bay is home to a village which was at one point the hub of the Danish settlers' commerce and civilization. In the early 1700's, these European settlers came to cash in on what they saw was a lucrative sugar trade. Today, remnants of the sugar plantations and the complex distilleries can still be found nestled away in the woods of St. John. For anyone who is interested in checking them out, there are guided tours as well as easily accessible public pathways through the park that will take the curious vacationer like you to his or her destination. Due to the fact that this location was central to the operations of the settlers, a high concentration of the old relics can be found in the near vicinity of Coral Bay. Unfortunately, the days of the island's sugar production were not characterized by peace, happiness and sweetness for all. In 1733 there was a huge rebellion conducted by the island's African slaves, a revolt which ended with a lot of bloodshed. Still, however, and despite its dark past, Coral Bay continues to be one of the more beautiful natural splendors on St. John as its rich blue waters lead the eye out to a spectacular horizon opening up to the British Virgin Islands.

In terms of the island's current civilization, Coral Bay is said to be second only to Cruz Bay when rated for liveliness and accessibility. In fact, with the wide selection of fine products and amenities available to happy vacationers like you, Coral Bay actually qualifies as a contender for first place as prominently features many fine dining restaurants as well as a rental outfit for water sports. Really, part of what makes the place so beautiful is the way that restaurants and hotels are sort of tucked into the hillsides that surround Coral Bay. Anyone who visits these establishments has the advantage of looking out onto a spectacular vista - with the British Virgin Islands in the distance - from relative seclusion. One of the nicer restaurants is Chateau Bordeaux, while Coral Bay Watersports is the place to go for renting water sports equipment of any kind, ranging from a snorkel and fins to a full-sized kayak, or from a windsurfing board to a sailboat. In addition to all of the snorkeling and scuba diving expeditions headed out of Coral Bay, there is also a number of fishing boats that you can take off of St. John to enjoy a day's catch out on the deep blue Caribbean water.

So, for everything from fascinating historical ruins to exceptional scenery and from great food and lodging to simple fun in the sun, Coral Bay is a great place to stay at when visiting St. John.

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