Bordeaux Mountain

Have you been thinking that an exceptionally preserved tropical island might be a little too much to ask for? What if you were to find out that you can get all of this, and in addition have an impressive tropical mountain thrown into the mix? The truth is that at St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, you will be hard pressed to ask for too much. That’s because this beautiful tropical paradise boasts some of the most pristine natural vegetation and wildlife along with some of the best views in the Caribbean.

Bordeaux Mountain, St. John USVI

The great quality of this island’s viewpoint capability is made possible in a large part due to the Bordeaux Mountain, which towers among the other Virgin Islands as one of the more incredible vista points around. At a 1,277 feet elevation, Bordeaux Mountain is one of the taller island summits. To get there, you and other happy vacationers can take a hiking trail known as the Bordeaux Mountain Trail that cuts off from Bordeaux Mountain Road situated just under two miles from Centerline Road. Although it is like most hikes in that it is not too taxing, vacationers should take note of the steep, slippery slope that this trail can present, especially when it is wet – and it rains a little bit all year round – and when the hiker is coming back down the mountain trail. On the way back down, adventurous vacationers do have the option of following the dirt trail to Lameshur Bay. Just adding to the difficulty of the trip is the potentially unfriendly trailside vegetation that includes the Casha plant, Agave and, of course, the spiny Cactus. Yet the relative complexity of the hiking experience doles out its due reward to hikers who are adventurous enough to be able to eventually take in the stunning views. Here, more than anywhere else on St. John, do vacationers really get a chance to feel that they are on an island. That’s because the deep blue of the Caribbean can be seen all around, and the warm breezes wafting in tell of the sea’s mysteries. On top of this, the endless blue is briefly interrupted by the sight of other islands in the near vicinity, just adding to the wonderful aesthetic of it all. Looking further inland to the island of St. John itself, the views from Bordeaux Mountain present a selection of trees that appear very beautiful from up here. Used in the rum making process, the leaves of these trees were vital to one of the island’s major economic strong points.

Bordeaux Mountain Villas

If you are lucky, you will be able to find a villa located at the vista points of Bordeaux Mountain. These luxurious lodging facilities offer all of the necessary amenities to make your accommodation comply with the heavenly aspect of everything you see about you. These St. John villas offer swimming pools, large bedrooms, and beautiful décor. Really, it all seems to be designed so that happy vacationers like you feel they are in a dream. Whether or not it is too much to ask for, the exceptional beauty of Bordeaux Mountain is unbelievable.